Friday, January 22, 2010

Football Video Technology

I am interested in a program where I can upload my recorded games to, then break the games down by individual plays, label them, then group them. I would break the plays down and teach off of them. For example one group would be called 13 veer correct, then another group would be called 13 veer incorrect. Once I did the initial leg work it would be stored and I could go back to it forever. Anyone out there have any video technology to share with me. I'm interested in some feedback.


  1. You could try APEX. APEX is user friendly and its got some stuff that I think its DSV or DVS one of the two doesn't have.Check it out and you might want to contact them. They will walk you through a informational program which you could do from your home while speaking to rep. They will show all the bells and whistles of the program.We liked it at our high school.

  2. We use HUDL at my school, pretty good program.

  3. We use DSV and it is a little more costly but has some really amazing features. Each year they will also upgrade the software and send a training rep in for a day as well. We have individual log-ins for all the staff in addition to player logins from anywhere.

    You can limit player access so that they only watch the cut-ups you need them to see. It is also great when speaking at clinics or on the road because you can log in and load presentations or show film to anyone. Also with wireless connections we are able to load and break down film as the game occurs.

    Perfect example was last year we were doing some staff development at Nevada and had a question regarding the blocking vs. a front and we logged on and pulled the clips and walked through the scheme with the OC watching our film.

    If you need a live rep to talk to I know the one out of Sacramento and he could hook you up with somone that could at least quote you the software and do a school visit.